An emotional portrait of your wedding, without perched plans, that reflects who you are.
We are Marta and Guille. Do we tell your story?

Ensu's Tale

“Twenty-two years have passed since my mother left, almost thirteen since ENSU definitely saw the light. Those fun family movies have become our current Minipelis. We make wedding movies, celebrations of all kinds, trips, videos for parents and schools, shows… ”

Who is Ensu for?

Couples who appreciate naturalness and
They want to keep their identity on the day of
their wedding, and they don't want to sacrifice their identity
with inns.
They want to live their wedding and they want their video
reflect lived emotions.
They want an elegant video that doesn't go from
fashion over time.
They want a creative, original, artistic video
and personal.
They want a unique storytelling, capable of
convey who they are as a couple.

Who is NOT Ensu for?

Couples who want to pose and be directed on
your wedding day
They want the perched images to be
the center of your wedding.
They want a conventional wedding video.
They are not willing to open any
door for us to understand who
they are.

Our videos


Our teasers are the tip of the iceberg. These are pieces of 2 to 3 minutes duration, whose objective is to create expectation, hiding the most explicit plans, but suggesting all the emotions experienced during the wedding. For this, we rely on alternative plans that we get, mainly, because each of us records with more than one camera at the same time.


Our trailers transmit all the emotions of a wedding through cinematic style pieces and leisurely rhythm. They pick up the most significant moments on each day for each couple, and allow each of them to taste more calmly than in a video clip style Highlights. Trailers also enhance emotions, but seek a certain significance in the content, above the "high" characteristic of the video clip.


Our “Highlights” usually include a first introductory part, such as the initial credits of a movie, and a second central part that gathers the most significant emotions for each couple, accompanied by music with great strength and rhythm. They are a good summary with the best moments of the wedding, recommended for lovers of "highs" and short videos with a lot of rhythm.

Full Movies

The duration of our films usually ranges between 20 and 40 minutes. Every wedding, as a couple, is a world. We adapt the duration of each complete movie based on the story to tell. We add all the extras that we consider essential: readings and speeches, full consent, tickets to the ceremony, first dance and everything that is essential for each couple.

Same Day Edit

We created our first Same Day Edit in 2008. Soon we proposed to combine the images with previous interviews recorded with each couple, and turn the Same Day Edit into an unforgettable tribute to fathers, mothers and siblings. Our model became a reference in the sector. We like to define our SDEs as "emotional bombs." We perform SDE throughout Spain.

Save The Date

Our Save the Date, or video invitations, are based on a personalized script for each couple. That is, we start from scratch in each case to tell a new story that fits the unique personality of each wedding and each couple.

¡También les llamamos Share The Date!

Instagram miniseries

Creation of several short-lived chapters, which explain an entire wedding from an original, dynamic and artistic point of view. For a week, a chapter is released every day at a certain time. It is a way for the couple to re-engage their guests with the wedding, and they can share memories, experiences and comments during every day that the miniseries lasts.


Our most personal and alternative videos.


Commented movies

We analyze some films made, what we find behind each shot recorded and edited, the narrative structures, the emotional graph of each story and all the reasons that have motivated each of the decisions made.

"I'm nothing. I will never be anything. I can not want to be anything. Apart from this, I have in me all the dreams of the world. ” Pessoa

I am Guille and I am 42 years old, (or 9, if I am with my daughters). I've spent more than half a life always escaping forward. I started making videos to escape the idea that my mother was gone forever. I was 18 years old and I began to tell the stories she was writing with videos. I started my 30 with a managerial position in a company and a major depression. I don't mind saying it. I think if you are honest with life, life will be honest with you. I escaped that stage creating Ensu.

I dedicate myself to make wedding videos to escape the coldness of everything around us. Making weddings means living the best day in the life of each new family. The bride and groom isolate themselves for a day and concentrate on the essentials. As when he was a child and went out to play in the garden, there was nothing but the most immediate of those present. A wedding is an open book. Every weekend I look and listen carefully to everything around me and try to get a piece of truth to teach me how to walk.

I remarry Marta at each wedding, twice, when I record and when I edit. With each consent I renew my commitment to life, give everything for the people around me, try not to need anything and get excited about everything.

Guille & Marta


Think, value, question, inspire, draw paths and discover answers, and, of course, take the push and strength necessary to embark on a new adventure. The nothing and the whole.


Lover of culture, sensitivity, reflection, fantasy and the whys. As a child I wanted to be like Marie Curie and win the Nobel Prize. Then, I needed more reading than breathing.


Now I want to feel the water on the beach drain between my toes. And see my daughters happy. Be, feel and know. And learn, always.



What they say about us

La Champanera

“For me Guille is the best wedding videographer in Spain by far. And I say it with criterion and I support myself on a million reasons: his empathic capacity with the couple, his sensitivity, his taste, his style, his dedication to detail, his ease to turn into art something as common as a gathering of friends , etc. "



“How happy we are to have chosen you, that you were the first ones we hired because it was watching your video and falling in love at first sight. You are inimitable. We carry you in the heart.💕💕💕 Thank you for everything! 😘😘😘. You are, by far, the best we have had on our wedding day. ”

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