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"Since I got here, why not keep running?" Forrest Gump

In my family, every Christmas meal, for more than 20 years, ended with a story. My mother narrated it, live and direct, while people savored coffees and tried to catch their breath in a difficult digestion. The days before the big day, my mother was nervous, worried and tremendously busy writing something fun, familiar and, in some way, historical, since her stories were a brief annual memory of the Del Castillo family. He had the idea, the courage to set it in motion and the perseverance of keeping it. In addition, he had the gifts of creativity, of brilliance, of the sense of original humor and of his own style. His Christmas stories were eagerly awaited by all of us. Somehow they marked us forever and left us a deep mark. These stories form an important part of his legacy, as a way of understanding Christmas, family and life itself.

Su marcha dejó un evidente y profundo vacío que inevitablemente salpicó a nuestras navidades, lo que a ella le hubiera disgustado enormemente. Así que recogí su testigo y puse en marcha mi particular cuento de Navidad. Debía mantener el espíritu, pero variar el formato. El fondo sí, la forma, no. «Que sea lo mismo, que sea diferente: un vídeo. No escribiré un texto y lo leeré el directo, lo pondré en imágenes y lo proyectaremos.»

I started making Christmas videos, which included parodies, photos, funny moments, an off script that explained whatever it was. A small audiovisual story that, like all stories, fantasized about some characters, in this case ourselves.

Marta and I wrote the scripts, we used an old borrowed camcorder and, since we didn't have postproduction material, we put the images on a VHS while we were directly recording the TV with the camera, in the dark to avoid inopportune reflections, Marta taking advantage of the glow of the TV to read the script and voice it off, I puncturing the soundtrack in a music player, praying that my sister would not break into the set and that, for once, the neighbors' piano gave us a celebrated truce.


Almost ten years later, a friend of a friend asked me for an original video as a gift for her husband, and I thought about creating a parody of her life, in the style of Del Castillo. It was a success, from which other requests for new videos soon emerged. At the same time, I decided to leave my job, against the will and advice of many who read “Editorial Director” on my business card and believed that I was going astray. While I was looking for another “serious” job, I dedicated myself to finishing the videos that I had pending and that I did outside the usual working hours.

Then Forrest Gump came to me for a moment, "since I got here, why not keep running?", And decided to continue making videos in the room that Julieta, our second daughter, occupies today. The first step was to find a business name for the new company that would offer all kinds of personalized videos. I wanted to honor the origin of everything, those Christmas stories of my mother, so that the brand should keep it in mind. "In his name," my father proposed. Well, "ensu", bell and it's over.

Nineteen years have passed since my mother left, almost ten since ENSU definitely saw the light. Those fun family movies have become our current Minipelis. We make wedding movies, celebrations of all kinds, trips, videos for parents and schools, shows ...

I hope I will never stop being the child in the photo that grabs anywhere in search of new adventures.

With a story it all started, and we will continue to tell stories in our particular audiovisual language until, maybe one day, people will stop putting a blank page on our table.

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